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March Rotary Student of the Month - Martina Dickison

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Autism Walk - Saturday, April 6th Thumbnail Image

Autism Walk - Saturday, April 6th

Mark your calendars and join us for this fantastic event. All proceeds will go towards autism awareness. Click on the link below to register!
Volunteer Appreciation Reception Thumbnail Image

Volunteer Appreciation Reception

If you are a volunteer for BCISD, mark your calendar now for the BCISD Volunteer Appreciation Reception. It will be held Thursday, April 11 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. at the Burnet CISD Board Room.
ASU Physics Professor Visits BHS Thumbnail Image

ASU Physics Professor Visits BHS

ASU Physics Professor, Trey Holik, recently gave a presentation to PLTW Engineering classes. He conducted some awesome Physics demonstrations over Pascal's law, Archimedes' principle, Bernoulli's principle, and the Tesla coil principal.
Shattered Dreams Thumbnail Image

Shattered Dreams

Our students recently participated in the Shattered Dreams program, which highlights the effects of impaired driving. Every 15 minutes in the United States, a life is lost due to impaired driving.
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Gems of Appreciation

Casey Burkhart Named BHS Gem! Thumbnail Image

Casey Burkhart Named BHS Gem!

Congratulations to our fearless leader, Casey Burkhart, for being chosen as the recipient for the January Gem of Appreciation Award.
Sherry Weisinger Receives Gem of Appreciation Thumbnail Image

Sherry Weisinger Receives Gem of Appreciation

As all of us here at BHS know, it is not uncommon for Sherry to help a struggling student who needs an extra boost of confidence. However, Sherry was the first person from BHS to be nominated by a source outside of the district! She was nominated as a Gem by Staff Sgt. Woody after he heard from a student about all the time and effort she has put in to helping him achieve his life-long dream. Congratulations Sherry!
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