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Mike Walzel

Biographical Information:
I am a 1977 graduate of Refugio High School and attended Howard Payne University in Brownwood earning a Bachelor of Science in 1982.  I began teaching in Alpine, Texas and moved to Burnet in 1984.  I am starting my 25th year in teaching.  I coach the UIL Spelling team, and I am also the BHS Girls golf coach and MS golf coach for boys and girls.  
I am married to my college sweetheart Leslie, we have three daughters, and one grandson.  I am a member of First Baptist Church in Burnet.  I am a life long crazed fan of the Boston Red Sox, and love to watch college football.  
Contact information:
The absolute best way to contact me is through the school email system.  I look at that several times daily and can most likely answer any questions you have regarding your student.  If you would prefer me to call you, I will during my conference period which is from 9:16-10:02 AM.  If you call me at school please leave a detailed message and a time to call you back with local contact information. 
Class Schedule:
I teach World History and have classes during 3rd - 8th periods.  The bell schedule varies according to the day, please check the high school website for the specific bell schedule of the day.  It can be found here: http://bhs.burnetcisd.net/apps/bell_schedules/
I also have a UIL Academic Class for students involved in UIL academic subjects during the first period of the day.
Course Syllabus:

World History Course Syllabus

Mike Walzel 

Burnet High School  2018-19

The study of world history will rest on knowledge of facts, dates, names, places, events and ideas.  In addition, true historical understanding requires students to engage in historical thinking.   We’ll study significant people and their contributions to our society and the world, and go beyond the facts presented in the textbooks and examine historical records.  


Students will be graded on daily work, quizzes, workbooks, chapter tests, unit tests, and major exams.  Daily work will count as 50% of the grade, and quizzes and tests will count as the other 50%


Students are REQUIRED to bring a pen/pencil, notebook paper, three ring binder, map color pencils, highlighter, to class each session.  It is my goal to have grades posted each week. 


If you need to contact me, please use the school email system,  mwalzel@burnetcisd.net     I will be checking that system several times per day.  If you don’t receive an immediate response from me, it’s because class is in session, please be patient.  If you call the school, my phone extension is 2502, but I will not answer the phone during class time, so leave a message and I’ll respond at the earliest convenience.   Please leave a Local number and the best time for me to contact you. 


To make up tests, an excused absence will be needed, and you will need to make that test up according to BCISD policy as stated in the Student Handbook.


The following topics will be covered in accordance with the BCISD Adopted Curriculum:


1st Six Weeks    Early Civilizations & The Greco Roman World

2nd Six Weeks   Middle Ages      Islam and the Crusades

3rd Six Weeks   Renaissance and Reformation         Age of Change

4th Six Weeks   From Monarchy to Democracy        Economic Progress

5th Six Weeks   The Great War         Totalitarianism and World War II

6th Six Weeks   The Realignment of Nations and The Modern World

Weekly Agenda      January 14-18
Monday:  Test on Chapter 16
Tuesday: Age of Exploration   Lecture and Vocab
Wednesday:  Commercial Revolution with guided reading
Thursday:  Columbian Exchange with Slave Trade issues
Friday: Chapter 17 Test Review
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Redemption Code:    D6QT-866V-WWLO
Book Title:  World History, Texas
Teacher Name:  Mike Walzel
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