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Clint Mulhollan

About Me:  I am a Burnet High School graduate, class of 2000.  I went to the University of Texas at San Antonio where I earned my bachelors degree in History.   This is my 13th year teaching social studies and my 9th year back home in Burnet.  I really enjoy my job but in my spare time I like to bow hunt, watch the Chicago Cubs, and  spend time with my beautiful wife and daughters.   
Conference time:  
Contact Info:
     512-756-6193 ex. 2495
      1st: Conference
      2nd: Department Period
      3rd: AP Human Geography
      4th: World Geography
      5th: AP Human Geography
      6th: World Geography
      7th: World Geography
      8th: World Geography
World Geography 6 Week Schedule 
Week 1: Welcome/ Syllabus/ Social Contract/Physical Geography Intro/ Latitude and Longitude 
Week 2: Absolute and Relative Location/ Spheres of Geography/plate tectonics/Water cycle
Week 3: Earth Sun Relationship/Climate/ Physical Geography Exam
Week 4: Celebrate Freedom Week (Constitution/Dec of Ind/Voice of Democracy Essay)
Week 5: Human Geography Intro
Week 6: Human Geography Cont. 
AP Human Geography 6 Week Schedule

8/23 Thinking Geographically Reading Analysis (Marking the Text Strategies)

8/24-9/25 Absolute and Relative Locations Assignment/Vocabulary Blast Notes

9/1 Ch. 1 Reading quiz

9/3 Class discussion participation, notes, warm-ups, etc. (Binder Check)

9/5-9/8 Voice of Democracy Essay competition (celebrate freedom week)

9/5-8 Celebrate freedom week participation

9/14- *MAP TEST #1

9/18 Free Response practice

9/20 Article Reading quiz

9/23 Cornell note Q and A

9/26  *NATURE AND PERSPECTIVES EXAM (Multiple choice part #1)

9/27  *NATURE AND PERSPECTIVES EXAM (Free Response Questions part #2)

9/29 Unit Debrief (participation grade w/ binder check)

World Geography Syllabus
AP Human Geography Syllabus