Burnet High School

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Burnet High School Counseling Team
Jane Jeffries: Letters A-K Trisha Cook: Letters L-Z Lead Counselor
jjeffries@burnetcisd.net tcook@burnetcisd.net
Jill Castillo: College/Career/Military Coordinator Hallie Behrens: Intervention Counselor
jcastillo@burnetcisd.net hbehrens@burnetcisd.net
Jennifer Roberie: Registrar Melinda Nelson: Administrative Assistant
jroberie@burnetcisd.net mnelson@burnetcisd.net 
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Need a Letter of Recommendation???
“The Green Packet”
  • Student, Parent, and Teacher portions
  • Complete and turn in to counselor at least 2 weeks before deadline
Recommendation Request Forms
  • Give to teacher and/or counselor
  • Stamped, addressed envelope
Class of 2021: ao7mey3
Class of 2022: zgswc4f
Class of 2023: e6oztfi
Class of 2024: qf3zgex
  • May 4th - Algebra 1 STAAR EOC
  • May 5th- Biology STAAR EOC
  • May 6th - US History STAAR EOC
  • May 6th - TSI Testing After School
  • May 7th - GenTX Day Acceptance Party 
  • May 8th - SAT Testing
  • May 11th-12th - Math TSI for Dual Credit Classes
  • May 17th-18th - Senior Finals
  • May 20th - Scholarship/Awards Night
  • May 24th-25th - Finals (NOT SENIORS)
  • May 26th - School Day TSI
  • May 27th - Last day of school
  • May- 28th - Graduation
TSI Testing Dates:
May 6th After School
May 11th-12th
May 26th
Upcoming SAT Testing Dates:
May 8th 
Upcoming ACT Testing Dates:
June 12th