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Burnet High School Counseling Office Hours
 BHS Counseling Team
Jane Jeffries: Letters: A-K
Trisha Cook: Letters: L-Z
Jill Castillo: College/Career/Military Coordinator
Need a Letter of Recommendation???

“The Green Packet”
  • Student, Parent, and Teacher portions
  • Complete and turn in to counselor at least 2 weeks before deadline
Recommendation Request Forms
  • Give to teacher and/or counselor
  • Stamped, addressed envelope
Credit By Exam Dates:
June 13, 2019
July 25, 2019 
Visit Counselor Corner during Lunch in Cafeteria!
TSI Testing Dates:
October 3rd
November 7th
December 10th (seniors only)
December 12th
January 9th
February 6th
March 5th
April 2nd
April 24th 
May 7th
May 20th (seniors only)
May 28th
Upcoming SAT Testing Dates:
August 24th: register by July 24th
October 5th: register by September 5th
Upcoming ACT Testing Dates:
September 14th: register by August 16th
October 26th: register by September 27th