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Brianna Trower

About Me:

My name is Brianna Trower. I am from Austin, TX. My husband David and I have been married for 9 years. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and my Master of Arts in Spanish from Baylor University in Waco, TX. I received my Teaching Certification from McLennan Community College in Waco, TX. I have been working in the field of education for 10 years.

My hobbies and interests are musical and artistic in nature.

The best way to contact me is to email me anytime at btrower@burnetcisd.net I respond quickly to emails.


Baylor University; Waco, Texas
  • 2011 - Master of Arts
    • MA in Spanish
    • Thesis title: La búsqueda de la justicia y la libertad en la narrativa de Isabel Allende/
      The Search for Freedom and Justice in Isabel Allende’s Narrative
  • 2009 - Bachelor of Arts
    • BA in Spanish

Weekly Agenda Summary - September 3- 7, 2018:

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spanish II Labor Day
Continue Reviewing Stem Changing Verbs
LIstening activity with stem- changing verbs  Use vocabulary and stem changing verbs in questions Review new vocabulary and review for test
Spanish III Labor Day
Continue Reviewing Stem Changing Verbs and Verbs with irregular Yo forms
Listening activity with vocabulary  Practice verbs with irregular yo forms and vocabulary
 Review new vocabulary
In Spanish 2, we will be using the textbook Así Se Dice! by McGraw Hill Education in class later this semester. 
In Spanish 3, we use the fourth edition of the Plazas: Lugar de Encuentros textbook, by Heinle Cengage learning. We do not have any online resources associated with this textbook.
Contact Information:
Email: btrower@burnetcisd.net

Class Schedule:

Period Class
1st Spanish 2
2nd Conference
3rd Spanish 3
4th Spanish 2
5th Spanish 2
6th Spanish 2

7th Spanish 3
8th Spanish 2

Class Syllabi:


Google Classroom:

  • 1st period - Spanish 2
  • Code: cg1nrfb
  • 3rd Period - Spanish 3
  • Code: emqcot3
  • 4th Period - Spanish 2
  • Code: fpcs5ph
  • 5th Period - Spanish 2
  • Code: jwv50e
  • 6th Period - Spanish 2
  • Code: vz6ys2
  • 7th Period - Spanish 3
  • Code: qkcl75
  • 8th Period - Spanish 2
  • Code: a5sqlg