UIL Tenor Bass & Treble Choir Results!

From Mrs. Zamora, Choir Director:
I have some exciting news to share with you. Yesterday our Men's Tenor-Bass Choir (consisting of 8th - 12th graders) and our High School Women's Treble Choir attended the UIL Concert & Sightreading Contest at Cedar Park High School. Our Men's Choir came home with Excellent ratings both on stage and in sightreading, and our Ladies Treble Choir came home with SWEEPSTAKES, a superior rating on stage and in sightreading. I am so incredibly proud of all of their hard work and dedication to make this happen! Please congratulate these students when you see them on campus!! As always thank you for your support towards our Choir program! 
Men's Tenor-Bass Choir

Camarillo, Mateo
Dornak, Aiden
Evans, Austin
Krenek, Jakub
Parker, Josiah
Pirie, Noah
Pohlman, Keith
Villarreal Flores, Josiah 
Williams, Nathaniel
Williamson, Ryan 
Winnett, Nathan 

Ladies Treble Choir 

Applegate, Kaylee-Ann
Baltazar, Joslyn
Buckner, Kya
Catlin, Allysandre
De Paz Osorio, Ana
Garza, Lilian
Gonzalez, Abbygale
Guajardo, Natalia
Key, Ckody
King, KyLeigh
Krueger, Serena
Maisano, Nicole
Perez, Jaylnn
Perez-Huerta, Yesica
Pirie, Abigail
Reeves, Morgan
Roselle, Bria
Schlosser, Micha
Tinkle, Skylar