Congratulations to the November Students of the Month!

Sienna Maldonado is a 4 year member of Highlandettes. She served as a social officer her junior year and is the Captain of the Highlandettes this year. Sienna is a leader in and outside of the classroom and maintains a high GPA. She is a SPH Leader and a member of the Interact Club. Sienna is a true servant leader who is growth-minded, puts others before herself and is continually thinking of ways to improve herself and those around her. Her smile is contagious and she lights up a room with her joy for life. After high school, Sienna plans to attend Texas Tech University, where she has already been accepted.

Ethan Nicholl is a senior band student who plays french horn in concert band and mellophone in marching band.  He is one of the hardest working, most disciplined students in the Esprit de Corps. While he is very well-rounded, Ethan really excels at marching and leadership.  He is a positive influence on everybody around him.  Our mellophone section built the strongest culture in the band this Fall and that is very much a result of Ethan’s leadership.  Ethan is the kind of student that makes teaching easier and more enjoyable.  He is proactive and he works hard at everything from loading to marching.  We couldn’t ask for a better model for our underclassmen to look up to.  The Burnet Band is proud of our student of the month, Ethan Nicholl.

Josiah Villarreal Flores is a wonderful student. He is an active choir member and a leader in and outside of the classroom. This year he made the TMEA All-Region Choir and has grown abundantly in his vocal ability. He is in AP and Dual Credit classes and is an AB honor roll student. He puts others first and is always trying to find a way to help. After high school Josiah plans on attending college and majoring in visual communication and animation with a minor in music. He has been accepted into A&M university and is awaiting a few others before making a decision.