Amy Koenig is the BHS Gem of the Month!

Amy Koenig leads BHS by example. She is compassionate and patient when she needs to be and persistent when things need to get done. She is always looking for ways to make the campus better. Amy has been a big part of helping our high school operate so smoothly this year. Being a new person to this campus sometimes it can take some adjusting to, but she has been a great leader and a helping hand to BHS. She has done a great job rolling with the punches and putting her BHS family's needs above her own to help make our work environment great, and helping our campus continue to run smoothly.


Amy has a huge role on this campus and constantly looks at the big picture and what is best for each individual student. Amy doesn't seek glory; she doesn't seek awards; she simply does her job and handles her responsibilities because in her mind, that is her job. She never appears overwhelmed, but that is because she understands the importance of maintaining her poise so that others feel calm in her presence. She constantly works and develops worthwhile systems to make our jobs more manageable to a point that it appears effortless. Undoubtedly, everyone Amy encounters grows from having been in her presence, and this is why we feel that she is irreplaceable and beyond deserving of this honor. She has been a great hire for BHS.

Congratulations Amy!!