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Samilee Sorrells

Welcome to Mrs. Sorrells Family and Consumer Science classes.  
This is my ninth year at Burnet High School teaching in this department.  I am passionate about my subjects because I see the real life applications by providing skills and training for life.  We are the only classes that have at their heart family and making America's families stronger.
1st Period                                         Conference
2nd/3rd Period                                  Instructional Practices in Education and Training
4th  Period                                        Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
5th  Period                                        Fashion Design
6th  Period                                        Intro to Culinary
7th Period                                         Intro to Culinary
8th  Period                                        Intro to Culinary
The best way to contact me in through email at ssorrells@burnetcisd.net .  I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.  You may also call me at 512-756-6193 ext. 2478 during my conference period 8:00-8:55.