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Lisa Skupin

 As a Howard Payne University Graduate, I have over 20 years of teaching experience, and have been part of the BHS family for 12 years.  This year my schedule includes Biology, PAP Biology, and Principles of Biomedical Science. I am very excited about the new 2017-2018 school year.  Go Bulldogs!!
  Contact information: lskupin@burnetcisd.net
  BHS phone number:  (512) 756 - 6193 ex 2464
  Conference time:  2:00-2:43
1st Period - Biology
2nd Period - Principles of Biomedical Science (PBS)
3rd Period - PAP Biology
4th Period - PAP Biology
5th Period - PAP Biology
6th Period - PAP Biology
7th Period - Planning
8th Period - Biology
Note:  The student code for the online version of the Biology textbook will be posted on google classroom.

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