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Kim Timmons

My name is Mrs. Timmons and I have been with the district for over 12 years teaching Art at the High School.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Sam Houston State University and A Masters of Art Education from Texas Tech. I have raised three daughters and one son in this district and I have lived here for over 30 years. My goal with art 1 students is to let them try every kind of basic art medium, teach them the fundamentals of drawing and an appreciate of art history. I am not looking for perfection, just that the student is actively working in the classroom (I assign no homework).  Art 2,3,4 will dig a little deeper into the different kinds of mediums and they will start to perfect their own style.  Advanced Placement students will have to complete 3 portfolios to digitally send into the college board for grading. 
There are art competitions going on all year and from time to time I might ask your students to participate.  I will also make available to you dates that students can stay after school to either make up work or work on competition art pieces.
Period 1 - Art 1
Period 2 - Art 1
Period 3 - Art 1
Period 4 - Art 2
Period 5 - Studio Art - Advanced Placement
Period 6 - Art 2
Period 7 - Art 3/4
Period 8 - Off
I also am the sponsor for National Art Honor Society.  This is an active art group that promotes art throughout the town, school and allows all level of art students to work on project together.  I will try to add a link to this web page for your information on NAHS.  It is a program that allows students to earn letter jackets, patches and senior chords for their graduation gowns.
Telephone # 512-756-6193  Ext. 2500