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Kim Timmons

My name is Mrs. Timmons and I have been with the district for over 10 years teaching Art at the High School.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Sam Houston State University and I will be finishing my Master of Art Education at Texas Tech. in December of this year. I have raised three daughters and one son in this district and I have lived here for over 30 years.  My goal with art 1 students is to let them try every kind of basic art medium, teach them the fundamentals of drawing and an appreciate of art history. I am not looking for perfection, just that the student is actively working in the classroom.  Art 2,3,4 will dig a little deeper into the different kinds of mediums and they will start to perfect their own style.  Advanced Placement students will have to complete 3 portfolios to digitally send into the college board for grading. 
There are art competitions going on all year and from time to time I might ask your students to participate.  I will also make available to you dates that students can stay after school to either make up work or work on competition art pieces.
Period 1 - conference period
Period 2 - Art 2
Period 3 - Art 1
Period 4 - Art 1
Period 5 - Studio Art - Advanced Placement
Period 6 - Art 1
Period 7 - Art 3/4
Period 8 - Art 2
Telephone # 512-756-6193  Ext. 2500