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Jerod Rye

My name is Jerod Rye, and I am a teacher and a coach at Burnet High School.  I am in my second stint in Burnet.  I taught and coached here from 1999-2006, moved away for eight years, and have been back since 2014.
I teach Principles of Information and Technology to kids of all grade levels, and I also teach an Adaptive PE class.  In our Adaptive PE class, we partner able bodied kids with kids that have special needs to help them accomplish goals and have fun.  In my PIT class our one goal is to become more comfortable using technology in a business type setting, and we will focus on word processing, building presentations, and manipulating data using spreadsheets.  I have attached a copy of the syllabus for my PIT class, and your student will also be bringing one home for you to copy.
I am the Offensive Coordinator for the Football team, the head Powerlifting Coach, and also coach hurdlers for the track team.  Im very proud of the successes of all 3 of those groups in the past several years.  We have competed in the playoffs of all of those sports.  We had 2 girls make it to the State Meet in powerlifting, and had a hurdler win the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in 2018 in the 110 meter hurdles. Seeing Bulldogs and Lady Dawgs be successful on and off the field gives me tremendous pride to think i get to be a small part of it.
I have been married to my wife, Stephanie, for 20 years, and she is awesome.  We have 2 great children.  My son, Cade, is a sophomore at BHS, and our daughter, Lainey, is in 8th grade at the middle school.  We spend a lot of time outside of the school day watching our kids participate is sports, including, football, volleyball, basketball, cross country, and track.
My family loves it in Burnet.  
My Daily Schedule is as Follows
1st Period - Freshman Athletics
2nd Period - Adaptive PE
3rd Period - Credit Recovery
4th Period - Skupin's Biology Class
5th Period - PIT
6th Period - PIT
7th Period - Conference
8th Period - Varsity Athletics
Jerod Rye