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Sean de Vega

Diploma, The American School of the Hague (1994), Wassenaar, Netherlands (high school)
Diploma with Highest Honors, Defense Language Institute - Foreign Language Center (1996)
B.A. magna cum laude, Rice University (2004)Classics, English literature
M.A., Ph.D., The University of Iowa (2006, 2016), English literature (Victorian poetry & poetics)
My Story
I am originally from the Houston area; I attended high school in Texas and the Netherlands, and then served in the United States Navy and USNR for 12 years as a linguist and as an enlisted sailor and leader/motivator.  I enjoy quality music, hiking with my two chihuahua dogs, watching documentaries about history, and translating literary materials from various languages.  I also find comfort in peaceful drives through the rolling countryside after a day well spent at the task of helping people conquer their own (often self-imposed) limitations.  
AY2018-19 will be my first year at Burnet High School but my fourth year teaching public high school courses.  At this point, I have been teaching in various higher educational contexts for a total of 11 years and, since I cannot see myself as being content to do anything else with this life but helping others learn, I would say without hesitation that I feel a strong call to learning and to teaching as a profession.


Professional Biography

I feel best understood as an English language and literature teacher, a Classics tutor and facilitator, a Victorianist, and a translator. I am a teacher first and a researcher second. I teach dual-credit undergraduate-level English coursework and English courses at the high school level, as well as maintaining an active research agenda. I am also a translator of poetry.

As a professional educator, I teach literary and linguistic analysis at various levels, from Grade 11 students to university students, and as a researcher I work within the interdiscipline of Translation Studies, specializing in poetry and poetics. I also nourish interests within the house of Education, mainly in knowledge-driven pedagogy and the nature and communicability of "powerful knowledge," such as seen in the work of British educators Michael Young and Carolyn Roberts.

As a Victorianist, I engage with competing histories of the late 19th-century tradition in classical translation and study lectures and debates from the long nineteenth century pertaining to the criticism of late Victorian verse translations from Greek and Latin. To this end my practice involves the analysis of specimens of the art of classical translation as practiced by such writers as Elizabeth Barrett Browning, William Morris, Augusta Webster, F.W. Newman, Matthew Arnold, and Benjamin Jowett. 

As a practitioner of literary translation, I turn for guidance to critics like Josephine Balmer and Jorge Luis Borges, as I attempt to massage into being gently foreignizing translations of Greek and Latin verse.  I am a member of Phi Beta Kappa (Beta of TX, initiated in 2004).

Academic Year 2018-19 Class Schedule
Periods 1, 3, 5, 7: English III
Periods 2, 4, 8: English IV Dual Credit (Angelo State University ENGL 1301/1302)
Conference Period: 6