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Tanner McLean

1. Freshman Athletics
2. English I
3. English I
4. English I
5. English I
6. Conference
7. English I
8. Varsity Athletics
My WHY: 
I believe it is always important to know WHY you do what you do before you do anything, and to keep that "why" at the center of your path.  My "why" is to make great men and women.  I am not in this profession just for high test scores and wins, but for the relationships I build with my players and students.  I also believe that if your focus is on that, the learning and wins come along with it.  I'm here to build champions, not only in the field and classroom, but in the community and beyond graduation as champion fathers, mothers, employees, etc.  
This is my first year teaching and coaching at Burnet High School.
I am beginning my third year in education, with this being my second stop in my career.  
I enjoy watching college football on Saturdays, hunting, fishing, and spending quality time with friends and family; but most importantly I enjoy loving on my beautiful wife, Kerri, and our daughter, Kimber.
The best way to contact me is through email. It allows you a 24/7 window. I will respond as soon as possible. My syllabus contains my email address as well as my extension at the high school.